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The enlightened retreat seeks to provide a platform for information, education, teaching, discussion and social actions which may bring forth changes conducive to the growth of an enlightened society. The information will include the views on which the ideas of the enlightened world are based and the main goals of the enlightened society. The education will be focused on the knowledge of nature and cosmos as well as the nature of the mind and consciousness which may strengthen the understanding of the views of the enlightened world and its goals. It will educate the population about the spiritual content of life and make them aware about the possibilities of freedom and development of human potentials every human being should enjoy. It will be social forum where all will collaborate and participate in building a more desired society out of knowledge of science and awareness of the meaning and values of life pivoted on spirituality. The main objective of the teachings will be to erase divisions among human beings based on religion and belief by implanting knowledge about history, dynamics of social evolution and the mechanisms of control by interest organizations and institutions which may have created these divisions. Through discussions one will seek to renew the understandings, gain new perspectives and achieve maturity which may make the ideas of the enlightened world more acceptable to all who are seeking a foundation of peace and justice in the world. The actions will start with the conditions of local politics. The other actions will be to create awareness of unity of all in a global scale with the aim of forging a universal culture where scientific man and spiritual man will find ways of meaningful collaboration.

The main activities of the enlightened retreat

Education about science and spirituality which promotes understanding of the nature, cosmos and the self and strengthens the understanding of the views on which the ideas of the enlightened world are based.

Teach history, biology, cosmology, sociology, psychology and philosophy in order to impart awareness about the mechanisms imposed by social institutions which hamper the development of freedom and put restrictions on the explorations of the self.  The main realm of the exploration will be the scientific knowledge and spiritual experiences which may contribute in building a foundation of universal values.

Chart a way of meaningful practice of spirituality which recognizes the knowledge of science in the advancement of the society and will help to erase the divisions among human beings based on religious beliefs and faiths.

Inspire people to social actions with the aim of creating an enlightened world where science and spirituality may coexist as equally necessary power of growth of civilization which would bring forth the evolution of “higher-man”.