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Teach human beings about the relationship that exist between the micro and macro-cosmos, and help them to see themselves as the bearer of a “cosmic mind”.

Teach about what is moral and ethical in the perspective of what exists in nature, and how the things in the cosmos are ordered and organized.

Teach about what is the higher-nature of man, and who is an enlightened person and how to attain that enlightened stage?

Inspire human beings to seek the power lying within himself/herself to bring changes in history.

Explain the way the social and political evolution has occurred in history and how different forces have shaped the social-order we see today.

Teach that human security does not lie in competition and winning over others, but in co-operation, understanding of other’s needs, and sharing with others, one’s own point of advantage. The security for all is the best security for any individual, which can only be gained through collaboration. By defeating others one may win wealth and properties, but at the same time may loose the security which one may enjoy in the spirit of sharing with others and showing respect for others’ life.

Teach that the human beings are not animals of consumption: Consumption culture gives man only the freedom to live a meaningless life driven by primitive instincts.

Explain the way the ideas of religion have evolved and the religious institutions have taken shapes, supported by political powers, seeking dominance and wealth.

Explain the true essence of a “Spiritual” man.

Open the doors to understand the relations between “religion” and science.

Make aware of our intimate relations with the environment and help us to be responsible actors in relations to nature so that our own existence, and the existence of other species on Earth may not be jeopardized.

Inform all citizens about the manifestos of the enlightened society, which will guide the law-giving organs of the society in formulating rules and policies which govern the society (the manifestos will include the Civil and Political Rights, as well as the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights).

Create openness to the universal values and ideas and the necessity to make further progress in comprehending the fuller possibilities of human life, which may not yet be enshrined in the manifestos.

Teach  about what is economic justice, and make assessment of the rules and principles which may create the foundation of justice in the society.

Teach the value of sharing one’s ingenuity and innovation with others in order to improve the quality of life of the community as a whole (instead of using the innovations in the pursuit of exploiting the others).

Provide the people with the knowledge of modern communication which may make the society more cohesive and strong, and inspire people in building social networking, which may make human beings more responsive to the desire for meaning of life only attainable by sharing ideas and thoughts helpful to other human beings.

Create forums, involving audio-visual interactions across geographical and cultural barriers, where anyone in the community may freely join discussion and debate.