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Build Classless Society

By recognizing the superiority of the values, on which the ideas of the enlightened world are based, over the ones which have prompted the development of an unjust world in the past, the new order sets as its goal to build a classless society where every individual may enjoy equal dignity and respect, and the possibility to contribute in the progress of the social-political development.

Ensure Security of Life

The enlightened-order gives highest priority to the security of life against hunger and basic needs, and protection of liberty and freedom to develop one`s potential as a human being possessing higher-level of consciousness beyond the needs of physical survival.

Bring Enlightened Democracy to Life

It will pursue the goal of meaningful participation of all without any discrimination of race, culture and gender where everybody is fully aware of the possibilities of development and the rights they are entitled to. In an enlightened democracy, where people are equipped with knowledge and information through the Civic-organs, social and political participation will be meant to secure complete transparencies and eliminate all forms of corruption from all spheres of life.  

Establish Economic Justice

Its goal is to dismantle the institutional structure and mechanism which have grown out of the old feudal system and colonial history, and remove the oligarchs, who may aim at gaining control over resources in their hands in order to shape the developments of the economic life of the society to their advantage. The main goal of the economic justice will be to clean the society from the presently functioning “casino-culture” of wild financial speculations in a market driven by values, which intends to create money from “nothing”. It will remove monopoly capitalism, supported by present banking system which dominates the world, and replace it with a just global system where people will possess the power to decide how economic transactions and benefits should be distributed and ensured. People`s representatives will manage the banks, and steer the development of the economic infrastructures, while the Civic-organs and the Government will guide and help them in pursuing the desired path of justice.

 Create Foundation of a Universal Culture

The goal of the universal culture will be to remove barriers among human beings due to class, caste and belief and bring an end to all forms of discrimination including race and gender. The new culture will set up support centres under the guidance of the Civic-organs to promote universal culture free from religious dogmatism and traditional practices driven by illiteracy and ignorance. It will seek to keep scientific knowledge at the helm of the new cultural order while creating openness to frontiers of experiences, which may not be understood by using the knowledge of science alone. While recognizing the spiritual nature of man, the enlightened culture will take distance from religious institutions, which may deprive the human beings of the benefits of scientific knowledge, and the freedom to explore the frontiers of life outside ignorance-bound narrow traditions of age-old culture. By recognizing the superiority of the universal culture over all other cultures, which may have hampered the development of the human beings towards a “higher-man”, institutions of religions, which may play political roles in exploiting the human beings, should be replaced by cultural institutions promoting universal values. In this new cultural-order the Civic-organs will set the guidelines for public entertainment and culture, which will emphasize on the nature of man as a creative being, who seeks to experience the greater realms of the mind beyond the instinctual pleasures and squandering of life in a meaningless  way.

Environmental Protection

The new order will keep guard against the destruction of nature, which supports human life participating together with millions of other species, in sustaining a fine-tuned ecosystem on Earth. All activities of development which may jeopardize the harmonious existence with nature will be avoided.

Build Peace And Contain Conflicts

Among other goals will be to demilitarise the world and work against the formation of military and economic alliances (reminiscent of the twentieth century) and free the international organizations from the hegemony of a few powerful nations with colonial history. Any intervention of one group of nation, enjoying military-technological and financial superiority over others and motivated by the desire to maintain hegemony over other nations, must be prohibited. Instead, it should be replaced by principles set by the highest Civic-Organ established in the global level, which may intervene on behalf of mankind, in situation when enlightened-order may face severe threats of its existence. The enlightened-order will also develop mechanisms to handle conflicts, which may arise among nations and religions (existing in the present cultural diversity) before a peaceful world may emerge from the present world-order, which verges on chaos today.

Goals of the  Enlightened world